Luxury Homes Brampton: Top Flooring Choices to Add Value to your Home

Owning luxury homes Brampton is all about maintaining–and adding–to the beauty with high-end, upper-class design elements. One of the most important design elements to add value to your luxury home in Brampton is the flooring. Your flooring runs throughout your home and is one of the biggest focal points–making it a luxury make-or-break situation.

When it comes to luxurious flooring options, there are a number to choose from that can add value to your home when it comes time to sell (or what to look for if you’re in the market to purchase luxury home)…

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Cork Flooring  $5-$10 per square foot

Cork flooring has exploded in popularity in the luxury homes scene over the last decade. It’s popularity crosses a number of fronts–including that it is high-end but still somewhat affordable to install in larger homes, it’s environmentally-friendly, it absorbs sound,  its antimicrobial and mould resistant, and more. Also, it’s a phenomenal insulator against the cold. Having a floor that is warmer to the touch is obviously popular here in Brampton, thanks to our cold Canadian winters. The only downsides to cork flooring are that it will fade over time in direct sunlight, and due to its flexibility can be damaged if left underneath heavy furniture.

Hardwood Flooring for Luxury Homes Brampton — $4 to $50+ per square foot

Hardwood flooring is of course a huge category as it has a seemingly endless amount of options. True hardwood flooring, like plank flooring, is becoming increasingly rare with the invention of laminate and engineered hardwood flooring–but absolutely nothing beats the natural beauty of well-done hardwood flooring.

There are ample options when looking for a high-end flooring option within the hardwood category. Popular ones in Brampton luxury homes are: maple, birch, bamboo (which is technically a ‘grass’ not a ‘wood’ but it is considered in the hardwood category as it is as hard as oak), oak, walnut, cherry, black cherry, black walnut, teak, red oak, American beech, Brazilian oak and cherry, African rosewood and more.

When choosing if and where to use hardwood you do need to consider a number of factors, including the traffic level, the noise level, direct sunlight, future maintenance budget and more.

“Hardwood flooring is beloved over here in Greater Vancouver, perhaps because it inspires us West Coasters to feel closer to nature with its stunning natural beauty,” says owner–a Vancouver MLS website–Bayan Knight, who is one of the West Coast agents who we introduce our clients to who make the move to Vancouver.


Stone — $8-$50 per square foot

Stone flooring is an enduring favourite amongst the high-end home crowd. This extremely durable option is one of the most expensive flooring options–but many swear on it. You do have to be committed to the beauty of it though as it does have a few drawbacks–most notably how cold it is on the feet, that it is difficult/expensive to repair and absorbs stains.

Having said all that however, it’s natural beauty is unparalleled (well–with the exception of some of the more expensive hardwood flooring options). The natural pattern in stone makes each floor unique–an element that stone-floor owners absolutely adore about it. The simple truth is that stone flooring is one of the classiest options around.

If you’re planning on adding new flooring to your Brampton luxury home in order to increase the sales value–talk with us first. We can help advise you on the most profitable flooring choices (and it will likely be choices–plural–because some flooring types are more functional in certain rooms) for your home.


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