How Quickly Will My Home Sell?

Luxury home sales aren’t designed for a quick sale or fast turnover…after all, these aren’t starter condos. The majority of luxury home buyers in Brampton are incredibly discerning, and looking for a home that matches their needs & wants. Being just the home is partially a stroke of luck–and partially having an agent that knows what luxury home buyers are looking for.

Exactly How Long Will It Take for Luxury Homes Brampton to Sell?

We are regularly asked this question from perspective luxury home sellers, and the answer is always the same–even though the homes are unique. And the answer is…it depends. The time to sell a luxury home depends on the market, on how your home is presented, and who is currently in the market.

As luxury homes Brampton are a small and exclusive market–with generally around 30 properties available at any given time–home buyers tend to be patient. They will wait until the right property comes along. If you’re home is what they are looking for, then your home could sell fairly quickly given you have the right negotiator on your side.

If you haven’t checked out our listings page featuring Brampton luxury homes, we encourage you take a moment to do that now. If a particular property catches your interest you can schedule a viewing directly from the listing page.

Of course the time it takes to sell your home is also directly proportional to the marketing of your home–which is why you want The Wilding Team on your side. From optimizing your listing online to newspaper and magazine ad placement, we ensure that all perspective homebuyers we’ll ensure that all luxury home buyers in the luxury homes Brampton market see your property…and displayed beautifully.

If you’re curious how long your property would be on the market before selling give us a call. We can make an educated estimation based on current market conditions (however there is no guarantee as the luxury homes market in Brampton as there is a limited selection of buyers at any given time).

Is There Anything I can do To Sell My Luxury Home Quicker?

When marketing to luxury home buyers, there are a number of things that you can do to make your home more marketable and attractive to perspective buyers…

  1. Staging

    If you aren’t currently living in the home, you can stage it with high-end furniture and other finishing touches that will help them picture themselves living in your home. Staging is important as it is hard to envision yourself in an empty home as your sight lines aren’t inline. The difference staging makes can be night and day. It can make your home look larger, it can highlight design elements and it can even make your home look brighter.

  2. Renovations

    There are certain features that high-end homebuyers are searching for, and that will help seal the deal. These include designer counters, high-end decorative fixtures and more. If you’re unsure what today’s luxury homebuyers are looking for contact us for a marketability evaluation. Not only will small (and/or large) renovations help your home sell quicker, it can also increase the price point–often far beyond the cost of the upgrades.

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