What is a Coffered Ceiling?

Coffered ceilings are a (relatively) simple addition to a Brampton luxury home that can turn it from simply an expensive home—to a luxury one.


Coffered ceilings are commonly used older homes, historic Brampton luxury home, colonial homes, classic architecture, and castles. They have however recently experienced a renaissance. Coffered ceilings are becoming increasingly common in high-end homes, as it is a relatively simple way to turn a simple room into a luxurious abode. While previously this architectural element was used primarily in libraries, offices and dens—its recent renaissance has led to it being seen in bedrooms (to add an especially luxurious element to your living quarters) and kitchens.

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Brampton Luxury Home Quality: What IS A Coffered Ceiling?

Coffered ceilings are ceilings that are divided into small architectural sections. These sections are most commonly squares, but rectangles or polygons are options as well. These squares are then outlined by 3D mouldings that make them ‘pop’. These mouldings are similar to a crown moulding, but outline the squares all across the ceiling.


While this moulded ceiling is relatively easy to add (it doesn’t require structural additions or major renovations) it adds warmth and opulence to the room.


The colours of coffered ceilings can vary. The typical white of crown mouldings is a popular choice—especially for those who already have white mouldings in their home, but wood and metal can also make for beautiful choices. Within the inlayed squares of coffered ceilings, some homeowners opt to add a design to increase the intricacy, whether it be paint-, metal- or other material-based.



Are Coffered Ceilings Right for My Home?

If you’re thinking about selling your Brampton luxury home but wanted to add some luxury to the home (and it’s price tag), then coffered ceilings could be a phenomenal investment. Of course they may not work in every home. We can help you through it though—so give us a call about possible renovations to increase the selling value of your luxury home. By looking at your home, your renovation budget, your home value and by making use of computer-generated artistic rendering we can help guide you on the best value-adding features to install, like coffered ceilings.

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