How Should I Price my Luxury Home?

How Should I Price Brampton Mansions for Sale?

Pricing Brampton mansions for sale can be difficult. Too high and you’ll miss the pricing edge for the luxury home market. And even if you lower the price moving forward homes that have been on the market too long go stagnant and you lose much of your negotiating power. On the flip side, if you price your home too low you will lose critical value in your investment and could damage your financial well being.

So, how does once price Brampton mansions for sale?

As with all real estate, there are a number of factors that affect a home’s price. In the high-end market though–where there’s high stakes–you can’t necessarily use the same Competitive Market Analysis that the average home can have done, because your home may not have had a recent peer that is comparable.

Since there are only a small number of luxury homes in Brampton sold each year, finding a comparable property is difficult. As such, each home must be priced on the market, the home itself, the upgrades, the property value and a number of other features. It indeed takes a keen eye, a shrewd marketing plan and finely-honed negotiating skills–so contact us today to find out how we, as experienced (full-time) real estate professionals, would price your luxury home in Brampton.

Features of a Brampton Luxury Home that Increase the For-Sale Price

While there are a number of ever-changing factors that affect the value of a home (like the market, economy, property value, a changing Brampton landscape near your home, etc), there are a few factors that you can control–or use to raise the value of Brampton mansions for sale…

  1. Upgrades

    High-end homebuyers  look, in part, at the small details and artistic touches. Does your home have an artistic side? High-end fixtures are a given in a million-dollar home, but perhaps you have a decorative foyer, a water element in the yard, an exterior living space, or an ornate chandelier atop your 20″ ceiling. If your home doesn’t have an artistic side, you may want to consider adding one before sale (however be careful not to go too particular, like with Romanesque columns or other element that some cultures may not like).

  2. Upkeep

    Many luxury homebuyers are looking for a move-in ready home (many even want to purchase a home entirely furnished), and not a fixer upper. So, before listing, be sure to take care of any elements that have dulled overtime. For example, replace that one missing tile on your metal roof, and finally fix that chip in your marble floor.

  3. Location

    Location is a different ball game when it comes to luxury homes. There are certain areas that the million-dollar-home market prefers–most notably up towards Caledon, near Brampton’s golf courses and on the west end of Brampton near the Creditview River. But, having said that–many high-end homebuyers are looking for certain qualities in a home and that may overtake their location preference.

If you haven’t checked out our listings page featuring Brampton luxury homes, we encourage you take a moment to do that now. If a particular property catches your interest you can schedule a viewing directly from the listing page.

If you’re wondering what you can do to maximize the price of Brampton mansions for sale, while still pricing it at a level that won’t detrimentally damage its long-term marketability–contact us today…

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