Brampton Luxury Homes: Quartz vs Granite Countertops

brampton luxury homes quartz vs granite

Countertops are prime real estate when it comes to what makes Brampton luxury homes. Counters are extremely visible, and can make or break a design concept—and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to luxury homes.

While lower-end kitchens leverage materials like ceramic, laminate, tile and other synthetic materials, kitchens in high-end Brampton luxury homes leverage beautiful natural materials like butcher block, stainless steel, quartz and granite.

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Quartz and granite are especially popular options currently, although there are many homeowners who do not know what the differences between these two materials are…

Quartz vs Granite

Granite countertops are taken directly from the earth in a single piece. This makes them extremely durable, and fairly difficult to install. Conversely, quartz is a natural quarried material that has been reduced to a fine size and mixed with a small amount of resin (generally about 7%), then pressed into a final shape.

Since quartz is somewhat manufactured, they can be made in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes. Granite however retains its natural colouring. Since quartz is a pressed material it is non-porous and therefore doesn’t require sealing or maintenance like granite does.


  • Quartz is heavier than granite
  • They are more flexible, which makes them easier to install.
  • They are stain-resistant but spills cannot be left on them.
  • They are susceptible to colour fading if they are regularly in UV light paths.
  • You will see seams in between the quartz slabs, but they’re less visible with darker-coloured countertops.


  • The natural grain in them doesn’t allow for complete uniformity—however that’s part of their appeal within Brampton luxury homes.
  • Granite is a porous type of stone which means they are susceptible to stains and must be sealed and cared for correctly to maintain their appearance over the long term.
  • Granite is extremely durable, however it is possible to be chipped.
  • Seams are extremely visible.



Both granite and quartz are expensive countertop materials, however homeowners who have them will swear they are worth the investment. Granite is priced at $60+ per square foot ($60 would be a getting a great deal…although realistically it will generally cost more), and quartz cost between $67-$95 per square foot.

When you add in the price of installation, granite is generally more expensive than quartz.

So—Which one is Better for Brampton Luxury Homes?

The decision between granite and quartz generally comes down to personal aesthetic choice. They are both expensive, and those with luxury homes generally don’t consider the price heavily, but the look of the outcome. They are both lovely, just in different ways.

What About Homes in Other Parts of Canada?

Here at Luxury Homes Brampton we partner with a number of Realtors across Canada, to help serve our clientele better. One such partner is Bayan Knight–owner of, one of the Surrey MLS top real estate portals. “Here in Greater Vancouver high end homes run the gambit of countertops, although newer and modern homes and condos seem to be gravitating towards quartz slightly more than granite,” says Bayan.


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