What Makes a Home Luxurious?

Brampton luxury homes are more than a price tag.  Luxurious homes are homes of distinction. They are more expensive than traditional homes–with Brampton luxury homes prices ranging from $750,000 up to $2,000,000+ –however they are much more than that.

A “luxury home” in Brampton is a high-end home with the type of luxurious features that discerning homebuyers are looking for. While the exact features of what makes a home luxurious may vary, they often include the following…

An example of a ‘coffered ceiling’

Elements Commonly Found in Brampton Luxury Homes

  • Quartz countertops, or at least granite.
  • Porcelain or stone flooring tiles (as opposed to the more common and more affordable ceramic option).
  • High-end hardwood flooring, like bamboo, cork, and exotic or domestic woods. Hard-scraped floors are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Use of natural materials throughout (as opposed to manufactured/synthetic products), like marble, stone and wood.
  • Outdoor living areas–especially those with outdoor kitchens.
  • Artistic design principles that are also functional. Part of ‘luxury’ is having a  home that responds to your needs, especially with custom design solutions.
  • Creative lighting concepts
  • Architectural uniqueness.
  • Design uniqueness, like with coffered ceilings.
  • Natural light–because very few high-end buyers want to live in a cave. We suppose because there aren’t enough Bruce Wayne’s out there in the Brampton market.
  • High ceilings–because many high-end homebuyers look at cubic footage in addition to square footage.
  • Unobstructed views.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • A laundry room on the same level as the home’s bedrooms.
  • Water softeners and water purifiers (since Brampton doesn’t always have the highest quality tap water).
  • Storage. Affluent people tend to be collectors of things–and need places to put them.
  • A large amount of property.
  • Swimming pools are always popular.

An example of ‘hard-scraped’ hardwood flooring.

An example of ‘coffered ceilings’











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