Brampton Luxury Homes Blog: What is Handscraped Wood Flooring?

Handscraped hardwood flooring is experiencing a stunning revival in Brampton luxury homes, and we couldn’t be happier. This beautiful technique in hardwood flooring is bringing natural grains and imperfections back to floors—something practically annihilated by modern laminate flooring and engineered flooring techniques.

This stunning flooring technique brings hardwood flooring back to a time—before flat, glossy and cheap flooring—when imperfections were considered natural.

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Brampton Luxury Homes: What Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring Adds

What handscraped flooring does for Brampton luxury homes is give them an antique, craftsman, character-filled look. This rugged, vintage appearance is favoured by many Brampton luxury home shoppers looking for a character-filled home. This look is extremely popular in our city’s historic heritage homes, especially in the historic centre in Downtown Brampton. These turn-of-the-century homes utilized the plank flooring that by now should look handscraped.


What IS Handscraped Flooring?

Hand-scraping flooring is a craftsman technique that evolved from the need to scrape hardwood flooring down from one level to the next, to level out planks. As flooring specialists learned their trade they figured out that while bringing down the floor a level, they could enhance the overall look with tools, by using their own personal stylings. Flooring professionals now use power sanders in place of handheld tools like a hammer and chisel, but the look is the same, a marking and sculpting of the wood planks to give each its own unique appearance.

The technique of hand-scraped flooring allows hardwood floor professionals to give the look of an older floor—like those consistent in vintage homes. Not only does it make your floor unique, it also hides natural imperfections and natural wear-and-tear in wood flooring planks.


Is Handscraped Flooring Right for MY Brampton Luxury Home?

The choice to hand scrape your floor is a matter of personal aesthetic choices, and also based on your flooring. Only plank hardwood flooring is capable of sustaining the intentional ‘damage’ of hand scraping. Engineered flooring generally don’t have enough wood layers to sustain the work. So, you need to have plank hardwood flooring already, or be willing to spare the expense of installing it.

The second thing to consider when contemplating hand scraping the floors of your luxury home in Brampton, is whether its design can accommodate the look. Hand scraping gives floors a vintage look, which isn’t appropriate for all homes—especially those that don’t have a vintage look (or can aesthetically combined modern and vintage into one design).

A third element to consider is the pricing. If pricing is a relevant factor, then you may want to evaluate distressing your floors (which isn’t done by hand, as is the case generally with hand scraped).


Still Confused?

If you’re contemplating purchasing or selling a home with plank or handscraped flooring—contact us. We can help you evaluate a flooring solution that will be the best investment for your property.


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